18 Sep 2019

Customised Embroidery Designs by The T-Shirt Company

embroidered customised design Guidelines of how to design your embroidery logos to maximise quality and definition...

5 Feb 2019

Embroidered Sweatshirts - Ideas for Choosing the Right One

Sweatshirt Embroidered The sweatshirt is fast becoming the fashion item to be sporting these days and embroidered sweatshirts are something we've seen a huge increase in demand for...

11 Dec 2018

Embroidered Jacket Ideas

Having recently decked out our full team in embroidered jackets we now question how we ever managed without them. Nothing screams professionalism like a working team dressed to impress and here at the Tshirt Company we chose the Regatta Octagon II printable 3-layer membrane jacket which as well as having a professional look to it....

31 Aug 2018

Out with the old, in with the new

The new dryer arrives The new screenprinting dryer has arrived and it's a good thing, there are many t-shirt prints that need drying. Read about the demise of our las dryer here...

21 Dec 2017

A Merry Christmas from the Tshirt company

Christmas trees Merry Christmas to one and all from the Tshirt Company, three Christmas classics reviewed...

29 Nov 2017

The original Pantone colourbook - Pick your print colours

New Pantone The genius of the origins of the Pantone colour books that nowadays tell us what colour cool grey a Rhino is and what colour red our scabs are, click to read more...

13 Nov 2017

The History of Screen Printing - part 2

Screen print of Marilyn Monroe Our 2nd instalment of the history of screenprinting. Have a read and tell us what you think....

9 Nov 2017

The History of Screen Printing - part 1

Nun screenprinting Have a read through our take on the interesting evolution of screenprinting and yes, that is a nun screenprinting..

12 Jul 2017

Size blog: Small - Far away

Make sure you get your size breakdown right by looking at the people you're ordering for, checking the size charts and hedging your bets ...

9 Mar 2017

Embroidered workwear

Embroidery at the Tshirt Company Embroidered workwear, essential for any tough rugged manly work that we shy away from here, but we can help you market your brand. Read on dear friends.

15 Feb 2017

Custom Embroidered Hats - Professional Cap Embroidery

Great hat , crap team Embroidered hats are our topic of the week as we also delve into the psyche of our neglected inner child. So, do have a read if you have some unresolved emotional issues or are in Dublin and looking for some embroidered hats.

20 Jan 2017

Get Stitched up with Embroidery for your Event

The T-Shirt Company are now embroidering. Come and have a peek at some crisp embroidered logos and listen to us waffle about the ins and outs of embroidery.

13 Jan 2017

Apollo House T-Shirts Making a Stand

Embroidered Home Sweet Home Jackets Apollo House have been making waves across Dublin by taking a stand for the less fortunate. The T-Shirt Company have been doing our bit to help out too.

8 Dec 2016

Printed Hooded Sweatshirts for Google: No sweat!

Google Hoodies Our Internet sweethearts, Google, came knocking at our door this week looking for some lovely hoodies to match their beautiful branding. Have a read of how we won their SEO hearts in our blog.

11 Nov 2016

Green is the New Black

The All Blacks have been bested! Now shove it in their faces with a clever t-shirt, and all for the best of causes.

11 Nov 2016

Fulfil Nutrition Bars

Behold the deliciousness of the Fulfil Nutrition Bar, providing all your daily nutrients while being absolutely bloody gorge. Treat yourself

5 Oct 2016

Screen Printing and your Brand

For all you budding t-shirt designers out there, this is a must read, especially if you want to set up your own t-shirt business.

6 Jul 2016

Ode to Game of Thrones Tours & Season 6

Close up of white discharge print of House of Stark emblem on t-shirt You've read the rest now read the best. Our GOT fan, Tommy, has written the blog of his life! A breathless ode to Season 6 and the best Game of Thrones tour in Ireland.

20 May 2016

Discharge Printing on Tri-blend T-Shirts

Close up of nine bella + canvas triblend t-shirts with a white discharge print on each This is part 2 of our Discharge Ink blog post. We love working with this water-based ink especially on tri-blend t-shirts. Have a read and you'll probably fall in love too!

19 Feb 2016

Foil Printing

Gold and Silver metallic foil print on a classic black tee from The T-Shirt Company Dublin Metallics are so hot right now! Check out our latest offering; foil printing from Dublin's best t-shirt printers. Learn more about the process and the fab bling-tastic possibilities.

11 Feb 2016

Valentine's in Dublin

Valentine Statue at church in Dublin, Ireland Tommy serves us up something somewhat bitter, can you handle it? Warning: For Cynics Only

28 Jan 2016

The Five Lamps Festival

A photo of the five lamps lamppost on Amiens street in Dublin 2 We love our neighbourhood, especially around the time of The Five Lamps Arts Festival. Take a look at the t-shirt we printed and learn a little more about The T-Shirt Company's home!

15 Jan 2016

Fairtrade and Organic

A green organic and fairtrade t-shirt on the ground with water-based ink with print on front , I am fairly traded Organic and Fair-trade clothing is very difficult to track down but thankfully is becoming more readily available and we aim to be at the forefront of the growth of sustainable clothing so we now stock Prairie Trader organic and Fairtrade t-shirts

8 Jan 2016

Birthday Bowie

Dublin Bowie Festival black star logo in plastisol ink It seems like only yesterday we celebrated Jesus' birthday. But did you know that today is actually a real bonafide God's birthday? Yes, today we celebrate the 69th year since David Bowie landed on Earth, featuring screen printed t-shirts from our HQ in Dublin

8 Jan 2016

Gym T-Shirt January

Three screen-printed gym t-shirts with a pot of the tshirt company red discharge ink and printer's tool on wooden surface, window and various tees in background Peel yourself off your couch, get your gym t-shirt on and read our fitness & wellness tips for 2016 with a bit of screen printing experTEES thrown in.

18 Dec 2015

Philo t-shirts

Vibe for Philo printed t-shirt resting on a pool table with a cue and seven ball Our t-shirt printers have been very busy this year and one of our highlights was printing a beautiful tee for the Vibe for Philo event. Read all about it, there's even a video!

3 Dec 2015

The Whackpack - Screen Print That!

Man in workshop wearing a printed t-shirt with an abstract stool image on front. The T-Shirt Company may just have solved that irritating Christmas pressie problem - the impossible to buy for male! Check out what one of our favourite customers has been up to.

24 Nov 2015

Greatest Band T-Shirts Ever!

Black tee with famous rolling stones lips in red on front on white background BBC Radio 6 are currently running a very interesting poll indeed and it's got us thinking about our three favourite band t-shirts of all time.

6 Nov 2015

A Great Little Country to Lose Business In

"An animated Paddy Cosgrove with Enda Kenny at the Web Summit" We bid a fond farewell to the Web Summit and wonder if it all could have worked out a little differently ...

27 Oct 2015

Hedgehogs vs Foxes

Check out our recent project for Hedgehogs Vs Foxes including a pretty sweet promo video shot on site by the HvF team themselves. Check it …

26 Oct 2015

Discharge ink

Four printed t-shirts stacked on top on each other in contrasting colours showing discharge print close up Yeah we know we bang on about it a bit. But in case you're not convinced, here's some more info on the wonders of discharge inks plus a couple of do's and don'ts and FAQs.

16 Jul 2015

Longitude 2015

It's that time of year again. Longitude at Marley Park. Have a look and see the tees hot off the press and check out some of the acts to look forward to! Plus a few tips to get you festival ready.

4 May 2015

The expansion: Stage 1: Talk about it, a lot.

We're knockin' down walls and kickin' up dust clouds. That's right we're expanding again. Yep, more space and more machine power means more quality prints. Also there's more to come …