12 Jul 2017

Size blog: Small - Far away

arnold-schwarzenegger-and-danny-devito-in-twins-1988-large-picture-733x1024 Make sure you get your size breakdown right by looking at the people you're ordering for, checking the size charts and hedging your bets ...

9 Mar 2017

Embroidered workwear

Embroidery at the Tshirt Company Embroidered workwear, essential for any tough rugged manly work that we shy away from here, but we can help you market your brand. Read on dear friends.

15 Feb 2017

Embroidered Hats

Great hat , crap team Embroidered hats are our topic of the week as we also delve into the psyche of our neglected inner child. So, do have a read if you have some unresolved emotional issues or are in Dublin and looking for some embroidered hats.

20 Jan 2017

Get Stitched up with Embroidery for your Event

Embroidery-Thread-at-The-T-Shirt-Company-Dublin The T-Shirt Company are now embroidering. Come and have a peek at some crisp embroidered logos and listen to us waffle about the ins and outs of embroidery.

13 Jan 2017

Apollo House T-Shirts Making a Stand

Embroidered Home Sweet Home Jackets Apollo House have been making waves across Dublin by taking a stand for the less fortunate. The T-Shirt Company have been doing our bit to help out too.

8 Dec 2016

Printed Hooded Sweatshirts for Google: No sweat!

Google Hoodies Our Internet sweethearts, Google, came knocking at our door this week looking for some lovely hoodies to match their beautiful branding. Have a read of how we won their SEO hearts in our blog.

11 Nov 2016

Green is the New Black

greenis The All Blacks have been bested! Now shove it in their faces with a clever t-shirt, and all for the best of causes.

11 Nov 2016

Fulfil Nutrition Bars

IMG_20161025_085724 Behold the deliciousness of the Fulfil Nutrition Bar, providing all your daily nutrients while being absolutely bloody gorge. Treat yourself

5 Oct 2016

Screen Printing and your Brand

Rowan For all you budding t-shirt designers out there, this is a must read, especially if you want to set up your own t-shirt business.

6 Jul 2016

Ode to Game of Thrones Tours & Season 6

Close up of white discharge print of House of Stark emblem on t-shirt You've read the rest now read the best. Our GOT fan, Tommy, has written the blog of his life! A breathless ode to Season 6 and the best Game of Thrones tour in Ireland.