18 Dec 2015 Philo t-shirts

Our t-shirt printers have been very busy this year and one of our highlights was printing a beautiful tee for the Vibe for Philo event. Read all about it, there's even a video!

3 Dec 2015 The Whackpack - Screen Print That!

The T-Shirt Company may just have solved that irritating Christmas pressie problem - the impossible to buy for male! Check out what one of our favourite customers has been up to.

24 Nov 2015 Greatest Band T-Shirts Ever!

BBC Radio 6 are currently running a very interesting poll indeed and it's got us thinking about our three favourite band t-shirts of all time.

26 Oct 2015 Discharge ink

Yeah we know we bang on about it a bit. But in case you're not convinced, here's some more info on the wonders of discharge inks plus a couple of do's and don'ts and FAQs.

16 Jul 2015 Longitude 2015

It's that time of year again. Longitude at Marley Park. Have a look and see the tees hot off the press and check out some of the acts to look forward to! Plus a few tips to get you festival ready.

4 May 2015 The expansion: Stage 1: Talk about it, a lot.

We're knockin' down walls and kickin' up dust clouds. That's right we're expanding again. Yep, more space and more machine power means more quality prints. Also there's more to come …