January 2016

28 Jan 2016 The Five Lamps Festival

We love our neighbourhood, especially around the time of The Five Lamps Arts Festival. Take a look at the t-shirt we printed and learn a little more about The T-Shirt Company's home!

15 Jan 2016 Fairtrade and Organic

Organic and Fair-trade clothing is very difficult to track down but thankfully is becoming more readily available and we aim to be at the forefront of the growth of sustainable clothing so we now stock Prairie Trader organic and Fairtrade t-shirts

8 Jan 2016 Birthday Bowie

It seems like only yesterday we celebrated Jesus' birthday. But did you know that today is actually a real bonafide God's birthday? Yes, today we celebrate the 69th year since David Bowie landed on Earth, featuring screen printed t-shirts from our HQ in Dublin

8 Jan 2016 Gym T-Shirt January

Peel yourself off your couch, get your gym t-shirt on and read our fitness & wellness tips for 2016 with a bit of screen printing experTEES thrown in.