4 May 2015

The expansion: Stage 1: Talk about it, a lot.

Things were going good guns at the T-Shirt Company. We had only recently moved into a larger workshop but that was already staring to fill up fast and the jobs list was growing, as was the working day.

One evening as we printed on into the early evening, we thought, you know what we need (aside from more sleep)? Another machine.

So began the planning for expansion.

Buying a second printing carousel sounds like a simple enough action. But to get this up and running you need quite a few extras. A new dryer to cope with all the extra work, flash machines, air compressor, power and crucially….space, a lot of space.


The T-Shirt Company lives in Ossory Business Court which is on the Ossory road (Pronounced ‘Ozziry’ if you’re a local). Before the T-Shirt Company brought notoriety to the Ozziry road, it was previously Dublin’s main abattoir. Sometimes the ghosts of the deceased cattle can be heard crying in the night, as they make their final journey on their way to dinner tables around the country. What do Tshirt companies and cattle murdering businesses have in common, I hear you ask? They both require space, lots of space. Luckily for us, the guys next door had just moved out. So the simplest answer to our space issue was just a matter of knocking a very big hole in the wall.

New workshop 2

And that’s where it all started.