8 Jan 2016

Gym T-Shirt January

Is your Tshirt a Little Snugger than Usual?

Three screen-printed gym t-shirts with a pot of the tshirt company red discharge ink and printer's tool on wooden surface, window and various tees in background

It's January once again and you know what that means! It's time to peel your bloated nearly corpse off the couch, get your gym t-shirt on and head down to your local gym for some much needed self-flagellation in the form of exercise.

Yep, it's the start of the year and you have pushed your body to the limit, after all, no human can be sustained on a diet of Guinness and Lindor chocolate balls, although you did make a good fist of it. The jingle bells are over and you’ve left your sitting room and returned to the office much like a blue whale, and now it’s time for you to migrate to the warm environs of a local gym.

A New Year, A New You, A New Screen Printed Tshirt

A new dawn, a new day; that is your attitude as you saunter/wobble into the gym for the first time. Your new second home. Ah, that sweet scent of stale sweat, the sound of horrendous pop songs that you would usually pour scorn upon but now seem to inspire you on to greater feats. The blend of judgement and encouragement is just what you need and you can almost feel your third chin receding. This is it, this is the new you.

We'd like to pass on some valuable information that we here at The T-Shirt Company have gathered over the years thanks to all our gym clients.

We'll work backwards from 3 to 1 by priority (As we see it)

3. Choose Your Gym Wisely

This is crucial, do not be fooled by the row upon row of modern machinery and electronic-ey sounding equipment, this means nothing. The larger the gym and the bigger the name, the more they actually don’t want you to turn up. They want you to pay your monthly and then disappear, that is their ideal member. Now, if you have the self-discipline and like to just do your own thing, then maybe this place is for you. However, to see results, we at The T-Shirt Company find we need a little more external encouragement (judgement) and this is where your gym trainers come in.

Be careful when selecting a gym guru. Ensure your gym guru is of the same sex to avoid falling in love with them (unless you’re gay of course, then the opposite). Choose one who isn't too good looking, this will depress you when you see their other half, who will never be attainable to someone in your physical condition. Request a gym guru who is not too positive as this will annoy you when you turn up after work in a strop only to be greeted with that perfect beaming smile. Nobody's that happy all the time, regardless of svelteness and who they bed every night. I assure you, really attractive people are a pain in the arse at times too, I know, I'm one of them. Anyway, I digress, If you need more guidance and direction, why not try Crossfit, the exercise craze that is sweeping the nation.

2. Diet

They say for quick results it's 20% exercise and 80% diet, which is where people usually say ah f**k this, I've been killing myself every night and I’m still tipping the scales. The reason my friend, is that while you may have been pumping the weights day and night, the diet still consists of large boxes of chocolates and bottles of fanta. There are many fads when it comes to dieting but the best piece of advice I ever got was pretty straightforward. "If you're honest you’ll know whether what you're eating is good or bad for you". Kick the booze, cut out the chips and sugar and you should start to see an improvement even before you start the self-flagellation!

1. The Look

It's all about the look, otherwise why else would you bother. One glorious day we will live in a virtual world where we control an alternate optimum version of ourselves from a self massaging chair while we consume ourselves to an early death (Or at least Bruce Willis will make a movie about it, or already has, I'm not sure). Until that day we’re going to have to do the hard work ourselves and we may as well look good while we're doing it. That is where The T-Shirt Company comes in.

We have helped gyms and sports clubs the length and breadth of the country dress their members in some superb looking sports tees. The most popular of our range are the tri-blend tees, a soft and light polycotton/radon blend that is perfect for gym use as it remains light and comfortable throughout all exercise, no matter how sweaty the wearer. The tri-blend comes in a variety of colours and sizes in both American Apparel and Bella + Canvas. The latter being one of our best sellers due to its excellent quality and competitive price.

If you have any interest in getting involved and finding that better you, get in touch with one of our pals Alan Burnell at Crossfit UnLaoised, Gregory Bradley at Blk Box Gyms or Jenny at Crossfit Perpetua in city centre Dublin. They'll steer you in the right direction. Get yourself into great shape for next Christmas when you can eat yourself to death again, only looking great while you do it.

We're off to the pu … eh ... gym.