12 Jul 2017

Size blog: Small - Far away

Sizing is always a contentious issue. Whether it's the size of your portion of chips in a restaurant or the size of luggage you are permitted to carry on a Ryanair flight, and t-shirt sizes are no different. There really is nothing worse than when your club orders a set of t-shirts for your tag rugby team and when they arrive you find that your's is too small or too big for you. Explaining Tshirt sizes C'mon Dougal  

The T-Shirt Company knows best

Here at The T-Shirt Company we understand how this feels and seeing as we deal with so many different brands and variety of t-shirts we have the benefit of getting to try them all and see how they are fitted and sized. Generally the bigger brands are extremely accurate to their specific dimension guidelines, but like anything, sizing is subjective to the person and people are different.

The women's fitted t-shirt

The fitted women's tee is tighter around the bust and waist so if there is any debate over your size it is always best to err on the side of caution and go with a unisex size that will be in line with a standard Penney's or Dunnes t-shirt where you know exactly what size you are. The most important thing to keep in mind when ordering for others is, 'what is the purpose of the event?'. Is this a charity fundraiser, or a fun run, or a one day promotional event? If so, isn't it always better to have a shirt that is slightly bigger than too tight? Will they be wearing a hoodie underneath? These are factors you need to consider when collating your size breakdown. On the other hand, is this a staff shirt they are going to be wearing for years? If so, you'll have to go above and beyond to get that size right. T-shirts big and small Big or Small, size doesn't matter, but get it right

Your sizes, your call, your responsibility

Step 1: Ask us for the size dimensions of the garment. Step 2: Ask whoever is going to be wearing the garment what size they are. It really is about using your head, if you're buying t-shirts for a biker convention, you may wanna get a few extra larges. But if it's for a ballet troupe on tour, then your breakdown is going to include some smaller sizes, unless it's a circus, then it's anyone's guess! The point of all of this is that we, at The T-Shirt Company, want all of our customers to be happy with their t-shirts but, when it comes to sizing, we can only give you the sizes you ask for. So make sure you get it right!!!! Here is a link to men to our two biggest sellers, size guides below. Fruit of the Loom and Gildan Premium LINKS FOR SIZE GUIDES Mens Fruit of the loom Womens Fruit of the loom Mens Gildan Premium Womens Gildan Premium