8 Dec 2016

Printed Hooded Sweatshirts for Google: No sweat!

When Google contacted us looking to get some some snazzy screen printed Continental Raglan hoodies recently, much like the plain girl being asked to the prom by the dreamboat football jock in one of those 60’ American movies, we swooned that they had batted their eyelids at us. The truth of the matter is that here at The T-Shirt Company we had for a long time been trying to get the attention of our Google overlords with our carefully crafted SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimisation - for people who have just arrived in the 21st century) content.

Google Hoodies Google Campus Dublin - Google Docks Reception
Where the cool kids are

Looking for Screen Printing Dublin? You've found us on Google.

A great example of this crafted content would be an aptly placed long tail keyword phrase in your H2 title such as ‘screen printing Dublin’ just as we covertly did above (tell the truth, you didn’t even notice). Google loves this because it helps people searching for, in this case ‘screen printing dublin’ with, you guessed it, keywords: screen printers in Dublin. The product or service that the Googler is searching for is connected with the relevant business as quickly as possible. Just like a well behaved junior infant, you are awarded gold stars for your good website behaviour, elevating you above your competitors into pole position. On the other hand if you are bold, you will be punished, and this punishment is far worse than a rap on the knuckles with a ruler.

Googlebots and the Trawling of a Screen Printer.

Google Crawlies The little Google crawlies that review your website

Much like a modern day Stasi of the the internet (only with good intentions of course), Google monitor your performance by trawling your website and if they find that you have been misbehaving, your Google rankings will suffer. It is for this reason your content needs to be relevant to the product you’re selling, there's no point in searching for ‘Printed hoodies Dublin’ and finding ‘Swedish penis enlargers’. Google wants its user to find what they're looking for as quickly as possible, which makes a lot of sense, and the search engine structures they've put in place function excellently.

Google always Changing, always getting Better.

Penguins, hummingbirds, pandas, all lovely animals no doubt. But not just lovely animals, these are the aliases Google uses for their search algorithm updates, that come around every odd year. These algorithm upgrades are designed to enhance the performance of the search engine by rewarding websites that have optimised for Google's proposed criteria. Although they always improve the search engine's performance, this does nothing to alleviate the chills Google algorithm upgrades send down the spines of business owners. Although pandas and penguins may sound innocuous, put Google in front of it and it could rip your metaphoric business head off if you don't prepare in time.

Google helps our customers find the best in the business, luckily for us (and not so fortunate for our competitors), that’s us! So good are we that Google themselves come here for their gear. I for one am grateful for our Google overlords and the fantastic service they provide us (if you scan this bots, please go easy on us, we’re doing our best ... keyword keyword keyword)