6 Jul 2016

Ode to Game of Thrones Tours & Season 6

Sansa Stark and Jon Snow on horseback in Season 6

So, much like Jon Snow's stint on the wall, our Season 6 watch has ended. Although the world is collectively devastated that we must now suffer through forty two weeks of everyday, mundane, general life outside of the seven kingdoms until we get our next hit, we can at least look back on a series that, most would agree, surpassed many of its predecessors and that on the whole, gave us more in the way of positive news for our favourites rather than the usual butchery we have become accustomed to.

The Starks

Jon came back to life, how many people can say that, eh? Well, I suppose there’s Beric Dondarrion of the Brotherhood Without Banners, but sure he comes back to life every odd weekend. Let's be honest, Jon hasn't been himself of late. It took until the last episode for him to crack a smile although he's hardly life and soul generally. He got his shit together in the end for the battle of the bastards which thankfully he won although he did have to be bailed out by his sister's pals, the Knights of the Vale. Jon was elected King in the North to succeed who we thought was Jon's half brother Robb but it actually turns out that R+L=J which might mean that Jon has claim to a higher throne; it looks like Jon's story still has a way to go.

Sansa got her revenge on that scumbag, Ramsay Bolton, who had a pretty grim ending if truth be told. After an unmerciful hiding from our soon to be crowned King in the North, Sansa did not wince as she watched Ramsay's puppies dine on the delicacy that was Ramsay's head. Sansa One, Ramsay Nil. Littlefinger tried it on again with her before the season closed but she gave him short shrift (scarlehhh for him) and it turns out she played him like a fine harp to get the allegiancy of the Knights of the Vale. How many people can say that they manipulated Littlefinger, eh? She hasn't had much in the way of luck with the fellahs really has she? Joffrey, Ramsay and now she's expected to shack up with Littlefinger? In fairness, he's old enough to be her Da. Creep.

Arya was no one, and once again is someone. Arya Stark is coming back and it looks like she's gonna kill a few people on the way. After a fairly hectic time of it over in Braavos; going blind, having her ass handed to her by that cow who really seems to hate her for no reason, Arya triumphed and reclaimed her identity. Turns out Jaqen H'aghar wasn't her pal after all. By season’s end Arya had made her way to Riverrun and in a classy act of revenge for the Red Wedding, she fed that creepy old perv, Walder Frey, his two sons for dinner. (If we're honest the pie actually looked quite good before we knew what it was made of). Then she slit Walder’s throat while smiling at him. Nice.

The Lannisters

The queen bee herself, Cersei, actually ended up as the queen by the end of it all, which in my view came a bit out of left field. Having clearly learned nothing from her atonement, she was on a collision course with the weird High Sparrow. The whole setting up of the faith militant and blowing up a portion of King’s Landing seemed just a tad too easy, however. Either way, in one fell swoop she got rid of all those religious nuts and poor Margaery and Loras Tyrell, which is a shame as Margaery was a fox. Just in case we thought that Cersei forgives and forgets she orchestrated a night of passionate S&M between her torturer septa Unella and Ser Gregor Clegane, who isn't looking too sharp these days since his resurrection. Can't imagine he'd be a tender lover. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

Another king falls by the wayside. Let's be honest, Tommen should never have ruled. He couldn't decide what he was having for breakfast. So he took a jump, first time he made a decision for himself in his brief little life.

After Jamie was sent packing by his squirt nephew/son Tommen up to the Riverlands to recapture Riverrun from Lord Tully, he had a relatively easy task of taking the place following a heart to heart with Lord Edmure. His ‘will they won't they get it on’ with Brienne of Tarth continues and they have yet to seal the deal, as they say in this part of Westeros. But we live in hope. He might wanna act fast as Tormund seems to have taken a shine to her. Jamie has subsequently been having a few beers and taking it easy with Bronn of the Blackwater, whose desire for womanising seems to be waning. Maybe he's getting broody, or problems down below, who knows.

Generally popular wherever he goes, everyone’s favourite imp Tyrion has really outdone himself in Mehreen. From almost being fed to a dragon to being crowned hand of the queen (now that is a super quick promotion). Otherwise, he has struggled to find drinking partners in Mehreen; Greyworm and Missandei are zero craic and his buddy Varys headed off to Dorne to round up those sexy but irritating sand snakes for the upcoming battle.

Other Favourites


The mother of dragons has really stepped up her game and along with her dragons is looking like she is going to be a formidable force when she hits the shores of Westeros. She’s built up a fair bit of an alliance too with the Greyjoy scamps, the Tyrells (although the only two we know other than Olenna, are gone, but she’s gas, everyone’s favourite granny) and the Dornese, dunno how much you’d trust them though. In another scene which only cements our view here that women are generally cold and callous, Dany gave Dario Naharis a, loyal servant and mostly likely a tender lover, the flick. In what was the ultimate 'let him down gently' she told him that she was going to have to marry someone else when she gets to Westeros and that his loving services were no longer required. Cold Beeatch. The lesson here, don't fall in love with the mother of dragons, too much baggage. In other news, Dany might be running into a nephew she doesn't yet know about soon enough. R + L = J

The Cleganes

Well, our old favourite Sandor 'the hound' Clegane lives. Just as Game of Thrones was inching towards a 12 viewing cert, the Hound has returned to our screens and he has not lost that lovely speaking manner that we have missed so much. So apparently, while he's been away, Lovejoy nursed him back to health and briefly had him mulling over his way of life, the killing mainly. It seemed that he was ready to turn a corner but it didn't last long as his newfound cult pals were all murdered and he understandably went on an axe rampage. For now he seems to be palling around with Beric Dondarrion (a man he already killed). But we live in hope that he will be reunited with Arya soon, the bestest of pals.

The devilishly handsome Mountain seems to have gone all quiet since his rebirth. His loyalty to Cersei seems to be unwavering and he's been busy defending her and helping her take the Iron Throne, although he did manage to squeeze in a night of lurrrve with Septa Unella. (What a cute couple they'd make, the Brangelina of Westeros). Anyway, one can't help but think that Clegane showdown is on the cards at some point. Lets hope Gregor doesn't get hold of The Hound’s head, we all remember what happened to poor prince Oberyn ... ewwww

Well, that about wraps it up, no, of course it doesn't! There's loads of other crap going on. We're down another Stark but he was the dullest, and thickest, why didn't he zig zag???? We have no one left to hate now that Ramsay's gone, and the White Walkers are on their way. Season 7 is shaping up to be better than Season 6. I, for one, am excited but not as excited as one man. Robert Dowling is the mastermind behind the Game of Thrones tours, the latest tour craze (and best) in the country. The Game of Thrones tour is an enthusiastic, energetic tour that takes you on a voyage through the multiple film locations in the north and south of Ireland. Stop off at Winterfell or take a load off on the Iron Throne, the Game of Thrones tour is an absolute must for fans. Five stars from my mother (massive Game of Thrones fan). We had the pleasure of printing some snazzy Game of Thrones t-shirts for Robert and his customers this week and for the time that's in it we thought we’d give a big shout out to Game of Thrones fans everywhere and say that if you need to get your fix before Season 7 arrives get onto http://www.gameofthronestours.com/and have the time of your life as you get to be a citizen of Westeros for a day. Just be careful not to lose your head with excitement (literally).

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