11 Nov 2016

Green is the New Black

Sometimes someone comes along and they just hit the nail on the head, and with this commemorative printed Tshirt celebrating Ireland's historic defeat of the All Blacks, Jeri Mahon has really knocked it out of the park. She has taken the historic result and cleverly nuanced the popular TV show, Orange is the New Black. It is a classic design and we can see Jeri taking this tshirt far, making it an iconic rugby collector's item.


Mean Green Machine

So grab your “Green is the New Black” T shirt now from Jeri's website and help laud our victory over our southern hemisphere counterparts next Friday when they return to Irish shores for another thumping (Perhaps I’m getting a little carried away). Even if we don't do the double, they can never take it away from us and our duck has been broken. There will be more victories but this Tshirt will remind you of Murray’s momentous tackle, Zebos stunning catch and Henshaw’s drive over the line to seal our first ever victory over the All Blacks.


Green Trumps Black

This week has been a mixture of highs and lows if I’m honest, I think everybody is still a little dazed and confused after Ireland’s unexpected destruction of the kiwis. A vile pig was also elected leader of the free world and more recently the great Leonard Cohen passed away. Granted, he was no spring chicken but shocking and nonetheless sad that he has checked into the Chelsea Hotel in the sky. The rooms are filling up fast these days.

Tshirts Make Everything Better

It’s for these sad reasons that we must bask in the enjoyment of occasions like Saturday's victory all the more so. In our joy we must take a moment to think of those less fortunate than ourselves and Jeri Mahon has done just that with the lovely gesture of offering all profits from the "Green is the New Black" t shirt sales to the Dublin Simon Community. We here at the t shirt company applaud this, as do our Irish rugby heroes, if big Paulie is anything to go by.


Get your Tshirt at Jeri’s website and help put a roof over someone's head, while of course getting yourself a deadly t shirt.