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Flux Bodywarmer

White €27.15 Colours €27.15
Product Code: RG154


The Regatta flux capacitor, sorry, I mean Flux bodywarmer, ironically enough looks a little like the bodywarmer that Marty McFly wore in Back to Future's 1 and 2 and let's be honest, we all wanted one of those. Well it's your lucky day because now the Tshirt Company can make your childhood come true. You too can look as snazzy as Marty McFly and time travel is a cold business so just as well you have one of these warm Regatta flux bodywarmers.

Warm-backed stretch 2-layer fabric

Durable, water-repellent finish

Quick-drying and easy to wear

Sizes Available


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Flux Bodywarmer €27.15
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Regatta Flux Bodywarmer
code: RG154

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